[[ This initiative currently stands as an open-ended project/experiment aiming to help facilitate collaborative activity and live meeting events — with emphasis on collaborators and social groups in the Grand Rapids, MI area and other Michigan cities having pragmatic associations. In its infant phase, the hope is to find potential others who are motivated to help organize collaborative activity and meeting events through this network of blogs/sites and contribute live streaming of the activity/events transpiring. Such activity/events hopefully can include music jamming, freestyle drawing, action-directed discussion, poetry sharing, yoga experiments, and network mobilizing; among other possibilities.

The live streaming aspect of this experiment is hoped to be a vital element and anyone with the technological means and enthusiasm is much requested. The root of this request lies in the untested belief that live documenting can foster artistic innovation between collaborators in ways that could not be fostered without this growing medium. Additionally, this belief also sprouts the curiosity to test whether or not live documenting can encourage would-be collaborators to join in on streamed activities/events in-person through their witnessing the streams online beforehand.

Any and All are more than encouraged to contact this initiative through e-mail (growveinitiative@gmail.com) or any of the connected blogs/sites if it all interested in collaborating or finding out more information. Stressing once more that this stands as an open-ended project/experiment, there are no expectations as to how this initiative can or may take shape. The motivation is there and interactivity awaiting unfurl. ]]

further content forthcoming }