\\ When I find more free time for it, I’m hoping to concrete an addendum piece to my “Medium as Movement” proposal entitled “Reflections on a Reddit Dialogue.” This will follow up the proposal as a designed collection of conversations I had with various users on 65 subreddit threads regarding the proposal and my reflections on how these conversations further developed my own understanding of its contexts. In the meantime, the three accounts I shared the proposal through are linked below as a way of keeping myself organized when returning to this. The account “jovianrings” was shadowbanned in the process from posting the same content too much, which is something I’ll take note of as a lesson learned when concreting my reflections, while the “kamilujah” and “autumnalvortex” accounts are still active. All 65 subreddit threads I shared the proposal through were created in the same few month span.


\\ jovianrings [shadowbanned]:

/r/Anarchism, /r/socialism, /r/Futurology, /r/revolution, /r/Libertarian, /r/MediaEcology, /r/occupywallstreet, /r/Occupy, /r/ArabSpring, /r/ronpaul, /r/anonymous, /r/WikiLeaks, /r/snowden, /r/randpaul, /r/Marxism, /r/voluntarism, /r/Anarcho_Capitalism, /r/sociology, /r/LibertarianSocialism, /r/CriticalTheory, /r/PoliticalScience, /r/philosophy, /r/StrategicStudies, /r/Communications, /r/mediastudies, /r/socialmedia, /r/conspiracy, /r/sciencefiction, /r/DIY


\\ kamilujah:

/r/Freethought, /r/singularity, /r/Agorism, /r/communism, /r/Singularitarianism, /r/AcademicPhilosophy, /r/Pragmatism, /r/interdisciplinary, /r/Socialpreneur, /r/SideProject, /r/mutualcollaboration, /r/communication, /r/ideas, /r/syriancivilwar, /r/LevantineWar, /r/Existentialism, /r/UrbanStudies, /r/GAMETHEORY, /r/PoliticalPhilosophy


\\ autumnalvortex:

/r/Psychonaut, /r/JoeRogan, /r/obama, /r/Politics_Uncensored, /r/culturalstudies, /r/Integral, /r/IslamicState, /r/occult, /r/911truth, /r/Isis, /r/isil, /r/continentaltheory, /r/AmberLyon, /r/duncantrussell, /r/VisCulture, /r/humanism, /r/OccupyCentral


\\ Total: 65