[Live Inquiry I : 4/10/14]


Space and Ritual: Experimenting with Sacred/Transformational Spaces


Question I : With the event/experiment tonight aiming to facilitate creative output through any one present and through any medium, do you feel like treating it with themes of sacrament, personal transformation, and community ritual actually effects the way you create? If the vagueness of these themes’ presences prevents them from having any practical effect, how could they be made more explicit in any future space seeking to embrace them?

+ “I don’t know what that means honestly, but Shane was Awesome and Tonia and Claire rule. I like this room too. Thanks for having me.”

+ “I think you guys’s idea of trying to replicate a ‘festival feel’ is helpful in relating these ideas. When the words are just out there they seem very vague, but when Jenn compared it to the ritualistic feeling/experience of a festival it was a much more reasonable concept. Relating these ideas to experiences we have already had/been through puts meaning and understanding behind the ideas themselves and I think that makes them more accessible.”

+ “We should have a party where people dress like what they think their spirit looks like”

+ “With this space that you created, you’ve done something truly awful… Awfully nice! I felt really comfortable in this gay setting.”

+ “The setting can really set up a good [unintelligible] for the performer. I think specifically tonight if feels very welcoming, but also out there and introspective. I dig it.”

+ “It really depends on what you personally are seeking to gain from the experience. Community ritual and sacrament are sacred to some while others can be indifferent. If you want an event to be focused or centered around these ideas, you must gather ppl of like minds or people open to the ideas at least. It’s all about personal experience and participation… If everyone’s feeling it you’re onto something :)”


Question II : When imagining an aesthetic contrast between “festival”-like environments and “city/daily life” environments, would you like to see a gap further bridged between these two? Do you believe it even can be? If so, how would you like to see future spaces cultivated to further make this happen?

+ “Absolutely, combining ‘festival’ and ‘city/daily life’ is what people are looking for. Every normal day(s) are exhausting and boring. People need an outlet. A reason to let loose and forget about their daily routine. Yes, I believe that the two can be bridged. It just takes time, dedication, and PASSION to make things like this happen. Build Community and you will build Culture.”

+ “The ideology behind combining these environments is incompatible. The reason that festival life is so alluring is because it’s a pseudo-reality that we don’t experience regularly. If it snows all the time, it makes us yearn for the warmth and sunshine.”

+ “Combining nature and music and community in the city is hard. One of the most cohesive things I can think of is block parties and events. Like that will allow people to get out and enjoy the sunshine in the city. Or even gatherings in the park that can incorporate people, music, and art of all forms.”


Question III : How do you or could you see your own creative medium(s) being incorporated into this event/experiment?

+ “This entire environment is filled with color, light, people, and music. Everything resonates with [unintelligible], so I think this place provides a perfect space to incorporate any and all creative mediums.”

+ “I am an illustrator and painter, I could see murals being incorporated. I also play a little bit of music, some w/ spiritual themes, but I’m a little rusty.”

+ “I am not an artist but dancing is how I pray.”

+ “Agreed.”

+ “I am not an artist myself in that I can create tangible pieces, but I love watching and interacting with everyone!”

+ “I brought my notebook in the hopes of collecting everyone’s favorite word or words. I also brought my [unintelligible] to paint a recurring place I visit in my dreams, possibly.”


+ “It has been a while since I have been in an atmosphere such as this one. Usually, my friends are inebriated or just straight messed up on drugs or booze. For once I feel comfortable again being surrounded by positive people and energy. Sorry for the long answer, but being here tonight made me feel like myself again. To answer your question, connecting w/ people, sharing humor, and daydreaming about fantastical stories was natural here and my creative side seems to be flourishing. Thanks for having me.”